France and America: A Love Story – Part 1

Narrator: It was a long and bitter battle, but alas the colonists emerge victorious in the fight for independence! Standing by their side in this fight was France, an ally to whom they owe a great deal. Admittedly, they were initially drawn to the fight because they were angry with England. (The enemy of my enemy is my friend) Through the efforts of the Marquis de Lafayette, a man totally devoted to the American dream, the colonists were supplied with guns and money (starting a life long love affair with both) which greatly aided the victory of the Americans.

(Marianne, the physical embodiment of France, and Uncle Sam, the physical embodiment of America stand alone in a field. Gun smoke is wafting in the air around them and just barely beginning to clear.)


Marianne: We did! This is indeed a great day! I am so honored to have been your partner in this fight.

Uncle Sam: The colonists have single handedly beaten all the redcoats! Did you see them run? No one can ever stop us. We did it all on our own!

Marianne: I beg your pardon?

Uncle Sam: USA! USA! USA!

Marianne: Well, uh, that’s not quite true, is it?

Uncle Sam: Hmm?

Marianne: You didn’t do it all on your own…

Uncle Sam: (Dejected) What do you mean?

Marianne: Well, you know, you didn’t have a lot going and …

Uncle Sam: (Tears filling eyes)

Marianne: …… And…. you did it all on your own…. Congratulations!

(Uncle Sam continues dancing around the field screaming, “USA! USA!”)

Narrator: Why didn’t you set them straight?

Marianne: They’re just a kid. A little confidence will be good for them, if they don’t take it too seriously. Look how happy they are.

Uncle Sam: Hey, Marianne, if France ever needs a hand, we’ll be glad to help. We are unstoppable.

Marianne: Well, now that you mention it….. there’s a revolution brewing and we’d be very grateful if you …….

Uncle Sam: Sorry, no, we’ve got a government to set up. Good luck though!