France and America: A Love Story – Part 2

Narrator: France and America have had rough patches. The Napoleon years for example …

Uncle Sam: Break up with him! He’s not good for you!

Marianne: You don’t know him like I do! He just has a temper!

Uncle Sam: He’s bad news! He’s started a fight with every single one of your neighbors! It’s all we can do to stay out of it!

Marianne: If you hate him so much, why’d you buy the Louisiana Territory? That’s just giving him money to fight the neighbors. You’re an enabler!

Uncle Sam: ………… That’s different.

Narrator: But after Napoleon, and a quasi-war that made no sense, and America’s problems at home, a new day is dawning for the old friends.

Marianne: Sam?

Uncle Sam: Yeah?

Marianne: I just wanted to say……. We’re really proud of you. You wanted to be a free country, and it took some doing, but you did it. You’ve come a long way from when you were a scruffy bunch of farmers. We… we got you something. We got you this statue to represent your liberty. We call it …. the Statue of Liberty.

Uncle Sam: Aw, gee, you didn’t have to do that. Thank you very much.

Marianne: Now help us put it together.

Uncle Sam: Beg pardon?