France and America: A Love Story – Part 3

Narrator: War breaks out! France and America are embroiled in The Great War. America sends resources to aid France’s efforts until joining the war themselves. Victory is achieved. Then there is peace.

(Long pause)

Narrator: AND THEN WAR BREAKS OUT AGAIN! The Germans are at it again! They’ve attacked and destroyed Paris! Vichy France is in control!

Marianne: Pssst. Sam! Sam! Over here!

Uncle Sam: Is that you, Marianne?

(Marianne steps from the shadows wearing a T-Shirt that reads “Free France”)

Uncle Sam: Are you ok?

Marianne: Well……. not really. And I need your help.

Uncle Sam: Anything, old pally!

Marianne: I need you to help me take down my evil twin and the Nazis.

Uncle Sam: You got it.

Narrator: The Allies pour onto Normandy beach on D-Day and fight back the Axis powers, sending them on the run and securing victory for good over evil.

Uncle Sam: We did it!

Marianne: Yeah!

Uncle Sam: There’s nothing we can’t do together!

Marianne: And nothing will ever come between us!

Uncle Sam: Except for that weird not-quite-a-war and the time you took over Mexico.

Marianne: Pshaw, that was ages ago and they barely count.

Uncle Sam: Right! Nothing can stop us now!

(The two friends high five, then putt heir arms around each other and walk into the sunset)

Narrator: Stay tuned for part 4, entitled “The Iraq Blues” or “What have you done for me lately?”