France and America: A Love Story – Part 4 The Finale!

Narrator: September 11, 2001. Tragedy strikes the United States. In this hour of immense grief, France comes to comfort her old friend.

Marianne: Hey, kid, I’m so sorry about what happened. We’re here for you, whatever you need.

Uncle Sam: Thank you. I want to make them pay!

Marianne: I know, I know. Let’s not think about that now.

(They hug)

Narrator: Pretty soon America was ready to even the score.

Uncle Sam: I’m going for them! And you’re coming with me!

Marianne: Sure. Where we going?

Uncle Sam: We’re going for Iraq!

Marianne: Beg pardon?

Uncle Sam: You heard me!

Marianne: I hate to nit-pick, but …… they didn’t do this to you. Why don’t you go after those who did it?

Uncle Sam: Nah, I want to beat up Iraq.

Marianne: I…. don’t think …. we should be involved in that.

Uncle Sam: Excuse you?!

Marianne: I don’t want to join that fight.

Uncle Sam: Typical! You’ve never done anything to help us. You just surrendered in World War 2! We saved you! You owe us everything!

Marianne: EXCUSE ME?! You wouldn’t even exist if it weren’t for us! No matter how proud you are of being a scrappy, backwoods redneck, the fact of the matter is that we saved your ass! You don’t really think you beat the highly trained British Army with pitchforks do you?

Uncle Sam: That’s a lie!

(Marianne coyly looks up at the statue of Lafyette.)

Marianne: And look we didn’t just “surrender” and run the other way. German is, at best, a horrible neighbor. You live next to countries who don’t start things every few years. I don’t want to hear it!

Uncle Sam: We’re changing the name of French fries.

Marianne: You sound like a child.

Narrator: The United States went forward without France. Years later, they made up.

Uncle Sam: Hey, there ….. I uh…… sorry about all that. We’ve been through a lot together. Let’s be pals again.

Marianne: Yeah, I’m sorry too.

(France and America walk off into the sunset together, like always.)