The Famine!

Image by Kai Pilger from Pixabay 

The work day had ended and the hunger crept in. We are but humble cave people. After hunting and gathering for 8 hours or more, we find ourselves ravenous, particularly after the sparseness of vittles throughout the day. No touching of the grub. Far too busy.

And there we are. Late afternoon in starvation nation. Beginning lengthy debates about which food delivery place we will grace with our cash and the gratifying opportunity to prepare our banquet. This manner of debate can go on and on for some time. Often resulting in a stalemate. Then, inevitably, settling into an unfortunate resignation to the same three or four places.

Then you must wait! As you put off the pangs of hunger. Stamping around your empire. This coffin of complacency! When will the food arrive?

Dragging yourself, in desperation, to the refrigerator and looking at the contents. The level of desperation growing. (It has been 15 minutes) You look at all the food in there. All things you could have made instead of spending a lot of money for something unhealthy.

Perhaps we could have a quick steak while we wait? But no, you must hold true.

The tears of those who’s hunger has overtaken them is heartbreaking. There is weeping like that of sinners dragged to hell. Relief is far away and your interest in life itself has plummeted. You will never know anything but this pain.

Alas, it arrives. The manna handed down from God in human form. You tip generously, it is the correct thing to do!

Life is hard out there, pally, everyone could use a couple extra bucks.

The famine as ended, there is joy in the camp. Lush fields and running streams have returned to the valley. Crops are growing. The dust has settled.

Woody Guthrie has moved on.

You feast, too much. Sickness comes. It is time to pay the piper.

A Bloatation device.

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