The Conception Party

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When you are of a certain age, you will wake one day to find that every single person you know has decided to procreate. Which will force you to wrestle with this question, but that’s another post entirely.

Now part of this mass birthing will come a number of get-togethers. You will asked to attend baby showers. You will asked to attend the often life-threatening gender reveal parties. Sometimes there will even be a party who’s sole purpose is to announce the blessed event.

It seemed logical to me in 2016 that this trend in fetal festivities would lead, quite obviously, to the conception party. Our friends and family are here to celebrate the creation of life! Insert tab A to slot B and let God’s miracle come!

This idea lived in my notebook with some sloppy notes for about a year.

Finally, I had the opportunity to attend a sketch writing workshop with none other that Kevin McDonald of Kids In The Hall fame. We were told to bring a sketch we wanted to work on.

I brought a first draft of this concept.

When we read it, everyone in the room piled on with their ideas. In the midst of this, Mr. McDonald said to me, “You have a problem that used to get the Kids In The Hall al the time. You have a great idea and now everyone wants a part of it.” I then peed myself.

The sketch was edited, but it was not …. good. It was chosen for the show, presumably because it was easy to stage.

I borrowed a bathrobe from a friend, and we performed it. To a muted response. I can only imagine they were sitting there appreciating it quietly.

It was never performed again. I knew it needed fixed. I did not know exactly what was wrong with it though. I played with it once in awhile. It showed up in some version in every notebook I have had since then. I just couldn’t crack it.

Recently, as I ventured into print humor, I discovered that what was wrong with it was that it needed to manifest in a different medium. I wrote it as a short satire piece.

I am quite proud of it. I love how it turned out. Most of all, I am happy to finally let this idea Rest In Peace.

My good friends at Slackjaw, the immensely popular humor site agreed to publish this piece. I shall give you the link, and I hope you give it a look over. It would mean the world to me.

Also, it may be single-handedly responsible for the upcoming Kids In The Hall reunion. I mean, can we be sure it wasn’t?

Our Conception Party: FAQ!

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